Fair Board

Chelan County Fair Board

  1. To provide a truly family event reflecting Chelan County’s best resources
  2. To provide recognition and inspiration for all exhibitors in a setting which allow for showcasing their individual accomplishments.
  3. To provide an educational opportunity for all those visiting the fair through demonstration, displays, contest, and judging of exhibits.
  4. To provide a well balanced array of exhibits from youth, adults, commercial enterprise.
  5. To encourage all areas citizens to attend the annual celebrations each fall to enjoy exhibits, entertainment, and camaraderie.
  6. To contribute to the economic development for Chelan County through education and promotion of agricultural and industrial products of our area.
  7. To enhance its performance as a public resource for the annual fair providing social and economic benefit to the region.


Chelan County Fair Board Meetings

Topic: Chelan County Fair Board Meeting

Note: Chelan County Fair Board meets the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  (Please refer below for meeting location for the specified date)

June 8, 2023 Meeting


Chelan County Fairground
5700 Wescott Drive,
Cashmere, WA 98815


Members of the Board

Kerri Gates - Wenatchee
Kerri Gates - President
Rick Hanson - President
Rick Hanson - Past President
Bruce Thorn - Past President
Bruce Thorn - Past President
Cheyenne Stocker - Vice President
Cheyenne Stocker, Vice President
Roni Freund - Secretary
Roni Freund, Secretary
Nicole Germain - Treasurer
Nicole Germain, Treasurer
Karen Welch - Grounds Manager
Karen Welch, Grounds Manager
Cathy Thackeray - Cashmere
Cathy Thackeray, Cashmere
Liz Avey - Cashmere
Liz Avey, Cashmere
Rick Hanson - Chelan
Lisa Miller - Cashmere
Nanci Robertson - Manson
Nanci Robertson - Manson
Thomas Gray - Cashmere
Thomas Gray - Cashmere
Andy Reeves - Chelan
Andy Reeves - Chelan
Cindy Fowler - Wenatchee
Cindy Fowler - Wenatchee
JR Cooper - Wenatchee
JR Cooper - Wenatchee